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Amanda Cox


"I was born and raised right up the road in Bell County Kentucky, but after meeting and marrying a Campbell County boy named Shannon Cox at LMU, I made Campbell County my home. After graduating from UT College of Law in 2001, I spent five years prosecuting in the 8th Judicial District, followed by a couple of years in private practice in Campbell County. Although I now work as an Assistant D.A. in Knox County, I still live in Jacksboro, attend Coolidge First Baptist Church and serve as a board member for the CCCLC. Besides accepting Christ as my Savior, my greatest accomplishment is becoming the mother of two fine young boys. I am ecstatic about the Christian Learning Center. It is proof that there are still many Americans who realize what Christians need to do in order to spread God's word and direct others to Christ. The Center is God at work and I invite everyone to become a part of it."

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