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Karen and Duane Mills


"I’m from the West! Specifically the great state of Arizona.


I came to saving faith in Jesus Christ on November 2, 1979 in downtown Los Angeles, CA. Led to Jesus by my college roommate who was a very loving and assertive believer in Jesus. By divine appointment God placed her & I together as roommates. She loved Jesus, came from a solid Bible teaching church and attended the historic Church of the Open Door in downtown Los Angeles immediately after our moving into our apartment. She had the entire church praying for her ‘JW roommate’…..and that’s when I started asking the questions….about Truth, how do I know any if any of this religious stuff is true? I set out to disprove her beliefs, but I was attracted to her love for Jesus, I’d never met a ‘Christian’ like her. I started my quest to prove her faith wrong, and like so many others who attempt this, I encountered the reality of a Living, Loving, God – in the person of Jesus Christ. And surrendered to Him. My call to ministry was immediate.

I met my husband, Duane Mills, at Church of the Open Door while he was fulfilling his Summer internship from Dallas Theological Seminary. I went on to Moody Bible Institute and Duane went back to DTS to complete his TH-M Old Testament degree. After graduation from DTS we married and were called in to Youth Ministry. From that point on, it has been my driving passion to share the evidences for the Christian Faith, the historical reliability of the Bible and a Biblical worldview to students.


When Duane was called to Pastor FBC LaFollette in 2011, as we drove into town and passed Hillcrest Baptist Church right next to Campbell County High School I commented, 'That’s a great location for a Released Time Bible Education Program! I wonder if they have one.' So, in January 2015 I approached Representative Dennis Powers and asked if we could initiate getting legislation in Tennessee for RTBE. The legislation went through with HB0834 in 2015 and was signed by Gov. Haslam in April 2015. The Board for the CCCLC was birthed in the Summer of 2017."

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