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Released Time Bible Study Bill Passes Unanimously



Volunteer Times Article - 4/18/2019


By: Kelli Jo Wright


     A great victory today for the Campbell County Christian Learning Center in the Tennessee House as 2 board members Terry Bray and Derrek Bowman along with educator Lynn Ray from the Christian Learning Center viewed the passing of House Bill #1373. The bill passed today with a vote of 97 to 0. State Representative, Dennis Powers commented "It is exceptionally rare for a bill to pass unanimously." This bill allows, moving forward, the students of the 2019/20 school year to receive credit for taking the Release Time Bible Education class located off campus at Hillcrest Baptist Church. CCHS students will now receive a 1/2 credit per semester or a full credit if the students take the class both semesters. 

    Campbell County, Tennessee is the first county to offer Release Time Bible Education in our state. "This is something that makes us very proud." states Lynn Ray. Terry Bray also commented "Dennis Powers worked very hard to push this bill through 2 house committees and on to the House floor very quickly. We also want to thank Senator Ken Yager for his help as well as Dewayne and Karen Mills." In closing Lynn Ray stated " For far too long, the spiritual side of children has been isolated within our county and limited only to family members willing to invest in that child. Now, spiritual growth and the opportunity to know God can be offered to any student that wishes." 
This passing legislation will now open the door to more counties that are currently seeking to offer Release Time in their own schools. It can be the beginning of something much greater across our region. 

    In our comments thread below we will include video of the passing of the bill. You will also find an additional YouTube link that explains in detail what the specifics of Bible Released Time are and how you can support those efforts here locally, in Campbell County.

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