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About CLC

Our Mission

The Campbell County Christian Learning Center exists to provide biblical instruction to students as an opportunity to encourage them to embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ, grow in the Christian faith, and apply biblical principles for living.

Our Staff

Ronnie Miller, Teacher

Stephanie Lloyd Hester, Administrative/Development Coordinator

Joy Longmire, Ministry Assistant

Our Board
Tracy Powers, President

Donna Singley, Secretary

Ann Ayers-Colvin, Treasurer

Terry Bray

Lisa Fields

Faye Heatherly

DJ Osborn

Donnie Poston

Sherry Shope

Former Board Members

April Berry

Derrek Bowman

Amanda Brown

Bryan Burge

Ashley Claiborne

Shannon & Amanda Cox

Rayma Daugherty

Bonita Farias

Doug Kibler

Chuck Kohlmeyer

Zach Lloyd

Stacy Longmire

Scarlett Loy

Addie Mundy

Duane & Karen Mills, Founding Members

Shane Pitman

Lynn Ray

Michael Shope

Larry Tanis

DeAnna Walden

Kelli Jo Leach Wright

Listen to students, staff, and board members share about the Campbell County Christian Learning Center

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Released Time?

Released Time Bible Education (RTBE) is a unique program whereby students may leave school to attend off-campus Bible classes during the school day. Hillcrest Baptist Church (next to CCHS) voted unanimously to allow their facilities to be the location for The Campbell County Christian Learning Center.


Scriptures have been and can be legally taught on a devotional basis, and as "for-credit" electives at the high school level, at a time set aside during the school day when public school students, with parental permission, leave the school premises to attend religious education classes led by religious or community groups. These classes, known as Released Time programs, are held off school premises.

The Christian Learning Center is not a Christian school, youth group, or childcare center. We are a para-church ministry, working with the support of local churches to teach public high school students. Our classes are intended to be academic as well as devotional.

Is Released Time Legal?

Yes. In 1952, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld RTBE programs as legal in all 50 states (Zorach v. Clauson). 

The three requirements for an RTBE program to be legal are:

  1. Parental permission must be given.

  2. Instruction must take place off school grounds.

  3. No state resources may be used.

As of July 2019, Tennessee has its own legislation in SB1373 (HB0307) allowing students to receive school credit for RTBE courses.

What are requirements for my child to enroll in a class at the Christian Learning Center?

This program is free and open to all Campbell County High School students and homeschooled students. Parents or guardians are required to sign permission forms in order for this child to enroll in a class. CCHS students will be able to walk from campus grounds through access gates to Hillcrest Baptist Church, which has generously allowed their facilities to be the location for the Christian Learning Center.

To enroll in a CLC course, students must speak with their school counselor to sign up then the parent/guardian must complete our student enrollment form.

Do classes at the Christian Learning Center interfere with the school day?

No. Released Time classes do not interfere with your child's mandatory school courses or after-school activities. The class schedule is set by school personnel in consultation with the Christian Learning Center staff. Usually, Released Time classes are scheduled for times when other electives are offered.

Will RTBE distract from our church mission?

No. Quite to the contrary, Released Time programs can be effective tools in helping your church respond to the God-given mission of going to all the world with the Good News of Jesus’ love and his specific directive to bring little children unto Him. We're all burdened for our young people and this ministry has proven very effective in areas all across the United States where the churches have united together to create their own Released Time Bible Education ministry. 

How can RTBE benefit our church?

There are four major ways in which churches benefit from offering Released Time classes.

  1. More youth are studying the Bible: Experience has shown that many parents, who will not take their children to church, will sign them up for Released Time.

  2. After accepting Jesus as Savior, many seek a church home: Released Time classes are designed to bring public school students into an understanding of the Bible and into a relationship with Jesus Christ. When this happens, they are encouraged to get involved in a church.

  3. More parents are coming to church: It is not uncommon for students, after accepting Christ as their Savior, to start going to church bringing their parents with them.

  4. Greater growth in youth Christian worldview: For some youth, the only thing they know of God is what they hear at Released Time. Youth, whose families do bring them to church, have their knowledge of the Bible enhanced by what they learn at Released Time.

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