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CLC classes are one semester long and are open to any Campbell County High School student or high school age homeschool student (grades 9th-12th). To register for an upcoming semester at CLC, a parent/guardian must complete our student enrollment form. CCHS students must also contact their school counselor to request CLC for their class schedule. Click here to view the courses we offer.

What are classes like at CLC?

When students sign up for a CLC class, they will be released from school during the designated class period to attend an elective Bible course every school day of that semester.

CLC are intended to be academic as well devotional. When students walk up the hill for class, here's a preview of what we strive to offer:

  • approachable staff members and guest speakers representing a variety of local Christian churches

  • caring community built amongst classmates

  • snacks each day

  • group and individual study of the Bible as God's Word in historical and cultural context

  • opportunities for peers to share personal beliefs with respect to a variety of backgrounds

  • hands-on learning, games, projects, and movies to support classroom content

  • opportunities for prayer and discipleship

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