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Donnie Poston


Donnie Poston was born and raised in the Valley View area of Campbell County, attended Valley View Elementary, and later served there for 19 years as the school principal. He has received multiple degrees and certifications in education, school administration, business education, and counseling from various schools: Lincoln Memorial University, Union College, University of Tennessee, Liberty University, and Trinity College. 


Mr. Poston’s career in the field of education has totaled over 50 years and has included the following roles: teacher at Pinecrest Elementary, principal at Valley View Elementary, Elementary Supervisor for Campbell County Schools, Director of the Christian Academy of Campbell County, and Director of Schools for Campbell County. He currently serves as Prevention Coordinator/Educator for Community Health of East Tennessee, where he has returned to the classrooms throughout the county teaching students about the use/misuse of prescription medications and providing Life Skills Training classes. At the Christian Learning Center, he has served as a substitute teacher and loves to minister to students. 

Mr. Poston has passionately concentrated his career efforts toward working with children in three basic areas: regular education, health/safety, and Christian education. His hobbies are studying the Bible and playing music, and he has taught Sunday School and Bible classes for over 53 years and played music at his church for 60 years. He became a Christian 61 years ago. Mr. Poston’s favorite Bible passage is John 17, and his favorite saying is: “Today is the best day of my life… and tomorrow will be even better!”

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